Neat Feat Gel Toe Spreaders,
  • Neat Feat Gel Toe Spreaders help to relieve the pain of overlapping toes and painful bunions
  • They promote proper joint alignment with gentle, constant pressure
  • This high comfort product reduces friction and irritation between adjacent toes
  • Mineral oil based gel moisturizes as it separates troubled toes
  • Hypoallergenic, Reusable and hand washable

The Neat Feat Gel Toe Spreaders are a larger gel insert that can be lodged between the two larger toes. This gently realigns the toe reducing the pain associated with stiff joints. 

  • Neat Feat Gel Bunion Pads help protect a painful bunion from rubbing and pressure
  • They are made from super soft gel
  • Gel does not absorb odor
  • can be hand washed with bar soap every day

Neat Feat Bunion Pad is a gel pad that fits over the bunion. The extra padding provides additional cushioning against the bunion and shoe. The loop that hooks over the big toe ensures that the pad stays in place. Use the bunion pad by day and the Neat Feat Night time Bunion Controller by night. Avoid wearing high-heeled and poorly fitting shoes.

Bunion Night Splint

The Arcus® Night Splint was developed to assist with correcting toe alignment and reducing the pain associated with Bunions while you sleep. Hallux Valgus (Bunions) can be an extremely painful condition, caused by weakness of the tendons and ligaments. It can also be aggravated by high heel shoes with pointy toes. 1 bandage per package this device comes in left or right. Sizes available; Small, Medium and Large.

Toe Alignment Splint

Helps with bunions, hammer toes and Tailor’s bunions. This device is an effective and inexpensive way of maintaining correct alignment of the toes. A thin elastic metatarsal band reduces slippage and soft toe straps hold the toes in position to maintain correct alignment. Can also be used post surgery to maintain alignment. One size fits all and can be used on Left or Right foot