Neat Feat Gel Toe Spreaders,
  • Neat Feat Gel Toe Spreaders help to relieve the pain of overlapping toes and painful bunions
  • They promote proper joint alignment with gentle, constant pressure
  • This high comfort product reduces friction and irritation between adjacent toes
  • Mineral oil based gel moisturizes as it separates troubled toes
  • Hypoallergenic, Reusable and hand washable

The Neat Feat Gel Toe Spreaders are a larger gel insert that can be lodged between the two larger toes. This gently realigns the toe reducing the pain associated with stiff joints. 

  • Neat Feat Gel Bunion Pads help protect a painful bunion from rubbing and pressure
  • They are made from super soft gel
  • Gel does not absorb odor
  • can be hand washed with bar soap every day

Neat Feat Bunion Pad is a gel pad that fits over the bunion. The extra padding provides additional cushioning against the bunion and shoe. The loop that hooks over the big toe ensures that the pad stays in place. Use the bunion pad by day and the Neat Feat Night time Bunion Controller by night. Avoid wearing high-heeled and poorly fitting shoes.

  • Neat Feat ¾ length gel insole provides effective support and shock absorption to the heel and arch of the foot
  • Made from medical grade silicone gel with spring cushion support dots in the heel and ball of the foot for extra bounce and shock reduction
  • Specially indicated for knee and back pain
  • Suitable for any footwear from athletic to dress shoes


Klouds Dusseldorf Taupe Mary Jane

Klouds Dusseldorf is perfect for any occasion, whether it be work or play. A classic style featuring a small heel and mary jane strap and a removable insole. The ideal shoe for superior comfort and style.

Leather Upper 

Removable innersole to fit orthotics

Gel Toe Rings great for ballet dancers, Gel Toe Rings great for ballet dancers
  • Neat Feat Gel toe rings fit securely over toes and are lined with a layer of polymer gel that provides superior protection for sensitive toes
  • They are perfect to protect toes against pressure and rubbing especially in the case of clawed toes or hammer toes
  • They also provide superior cushioning for painful corns and blisters
  • 1 size fits all
  • 1 pair
Neat Feat Walk Straight innersoles

Neat Feat Walk Straights give your heels comfort while reducing uneven shoe wear. The visco elastic gel allows the wedge to compress with each step and absorb shock, it effectively neutralises the effect of pronation. These are specially designed to improve foot posture and relieve stress on your ankles.

Available in the following sizes:
Medium (Men US8-9 / Women US9-10)
Large (Men US10-12 / Women US11+)

Maximum Foot Support innersoles

Neat Feat’s Maximum Foot Supports innovative EVA cushioning construction catches the shock forces and distributes them evenly to reduce trauma. These orthotics are your ideal solution to relieve heel, lower back and arch pain, stabilize your foot and prevent strain and injury. Neat Feat Maximum Foot Support is designed to give you maximum support and protection against heel strike and lower back pain.

Available in the following sizes:
Small (Men US6-7 / Women US7-8)
Medium (Men US8-9 / Women US9-10)
Large (Men US10-12 / Women US11+)

Gel Metatarsal Pads - BALLET , Gel Metatarsal Pads

Neat Feat Gel Metatarsal Pads are designed to provide cushioning under the balls of the feet. The extra padding provides relief from metatarsal soreness while absorbing the stresses of walking and standing. One size fits all. 1 Pair.

Neat Feat Sport Cushioned Innersole

The Neat Feat Sport insole has a deep-cushioned heel cup with sides contoured to the shape of the foot and supported by the nylon shell. The heel cup base is a high-density polyurethane material that absorbs the foot’s weight-bearing pressures. The firm heel cup sides help stabilise the heel to reduce friction that results from lateral foot movement. For effective use in running shoes, take existing insole out of shoe and insert Neat Feat Sport insole.

Super Feet Wide Green Shock Absorber Innersole

Superfeet WIDE GREEN is the same reliable shock absorbing insole as the Superfeet GREEN, but the design supports wider feet in wide footwear from size 3E-6E. It is ideal for footwear with a removable insole and is the recommended choice for maximum support and shock absorption. Ideal for wide feet with medium to high arches. Recommended footwear: Running, Walking, Hiking, Alpine, Industrial, and Military footwear.

Available Sizes: Mens 5.5-17 / Womens 6.5-12.5+