Neat Feat Gel Toe Spreaders

Neat Feat Gel Toe Spreaders
  • Neat Feat Gel Toe Spreaders help to relieve the pain of overlapping toes and painful bunions
  • They promote proper joint alignment with gentle, constant pressure
  • This high comfort product reduces friction and irritation between adjacent toes
  • Mineral oil based gel moisturizes as it separates troubled toes
  • Hypoallergenic, Reusable and hand washable

The Neat Feat Gel Toe Spreaders are a larger gel insert that can be lodged between the two larger toes. This gently realigns the toe reducing the pain associated with stiff joints. 

To prevent ongoing rubbing between the toes use either a Neat Feat Toe Separator for corns between the smaller toe or a Neat Feat Toe Spreader for a corn between the big toe. Both gel inserts are infused with mineral oil that reduces friction between the toes. 

For removal of corns, we recommend seeing your local podiatrist.