Heel Cushions


Neat Feat femme leather heel grippers are an ultra slim suede insole, tailored to fit high heels or fashionable shoes.

The insole has a self-adhesive backing so they can be placed firmly at the back of the heel and can be cut to fit the shoe.

They will cushion and stop your heel from rubbing and slipping.

Spur Pads

Neat Feat Spur Pads catch the shock forces and distribute them evenly throughout your heel and arch to reduce trauma. Their construction allows the heel spur pads to compress with each step to absorb shock while it cradles and supports sore heels caused by heel spur syndrome. The donut extension relieves heel spur pressure and inflammation that makes standing and walking painful. They can also provide arch support and relieve foot, ankle, leg and back pain from every day heel strike.

Femme Gel Heel Shields dance ballet

Neat Feat Femme Gel Heel Shields are made from a high quality polymer gel and are designed to fit in the heel cups of  your shoes, protecting heels from painful rubbing. The Heel Shields have a strong adhesive backing allowing them to be fixed in place. One size fits all. Package contains 1 pair

Femme Gel Heel Cushions

Femme Gel Heel Cushions are made from a superior polymer gel which helps cushion heel strike, ease pressure and reduce sore aching feet. Tailored to fit high heel or fashionable shoes, the Gel Heel Cushion can be trimmed in order to fit any size shoe. Adhesive backing assists in keeping them firmly in place. One size fits all. The package contains 1 pair.


Designed to reduce shock and vibration while giving relief to ligaments, muscles and tendons under excessive athletic or other loading conditions.  With a molded heel support and engineered with orthopaedic technology, it protects the heel, arch and metatarsal area and provides even pressure distribution. Can be used for Metatarsalgia, Diabetic Feet, Fat pad atrophy, Elongated metatarsals, Morton’s Neuroma. (1 Pair)


Anatomically designed, Blue Dot heel cups are great for Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Knee, Back and Ankle Pain as well as Fat Pad Atrophy. The blue, soft density dots provide additional relief to sensitive areas. They are formulated to absorb shock, vibration and provide even pressure distribution. (1Pair)


Anatomically designed, Red Dot heel cups consist of two different densities of silicone to assist with Plantar Fasciitis, heel and back pain. The soft density dots provide additional relief to sensitive areas and are formulated to absorb shock, vibration and provide even pressure distribution. (1 Pair)


The Gel Heel Device is designed to effectively treat most causes of heel pain. The unique shock absorbing qualities of the soft, flexible, moulded device together with the deep heel cup and rear foot wedge, which will control excess pronation, offer the best solution to negate painful heels whilst restoring the foot to the neutral position. This device can help with: Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Heel Spurs, Cracked and Bruised Heels.