Neat Feat Orthotics

  • Neat Feat Gel Bunion Pads help protect a painful bunion from rubbing and pressure
  • They are made from super soft gel
  • Gel does not absorb odor
  • can be hand washed with bar soap every day

Neat Feat Bunion Pad is a gel pad that fits over the bunion. The extra padding provides additional cushioning against the bunion and shoe. The loop that hooks over the big toe ensures that the pad stays in place. Use the bunion pad by day and the Neat Feat Night time Bunion Controller by night. Avoid wearing high-heeled and poorly fitting shoes.

  • Neat Feat ¾ length gel insole provides effective support and shock absorption to the heel and arch of the foot
  • Made from medical grade silicone gel with spring cushion support dots in the heel and ball of the foot for extra bounce and shock reduction
  • Specially indicated for knee and back pain
  • Suitable for any footwear from athletic to dress shoes


Femme Gel Heel Cushions

Femme Gel Heel Cushions are made from a superior polymer gel which helps cushion heel strike, ease pressure and reduce sore aching feet. Tailored to fit high heel or fashionable shoes, the Gel Heel Cushion can be trimmed in order to fit any size shoe. Adhesive backing assists in keeping them firmly in place. One size fits all. The package contains 1 pair.


The Neat Feat Sport insole has a deep-cushioned heel cup with sides contoured to the shape of the foot and supported by the nylon shell. The heel cup base is a high-density polyurethane material that absorbs the foot’s weight-bearing pressures. The firm heel cup sides help stabilise the heel to reduce friction that results from lateral foot movement. For effective use in running shoes, take existing insole out of shoe and insert Neat Feat Sport insole.